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Kataram and Turbo II on the Missouri River for a 5 day trip. The Kataram's high stability is used to advantage for a relaxing break, wildlife viewing, and site seeing. The sit-on-top design allows the rower to stretch as much as necessary to maintain comfort.






Loaded Turbo II This Turbo II had a starting weight of nearly 300lb. Seventeen gallons of fresh water was stored in jugs inside the bow compartment. The boat was also loaded on top of the deck fore and aft in water tights bags with enough camping gear for 5 days for two.

Gear is secured with strap eyes in the deck with gear secured with shockcord and webbing.

All Virus boats can be outfitted for touring. Add-ons include watertight hatches and strap eyes on the deck. These stable, fast, and beginner friendly boats are ideal for open-water and quite river touring applications.


campingThere is room in the hull of a Turbo II for plenty of camping gear. The polyethylene material makes the Turbo II boats excellent for touring where docking and beaching may be necessary.