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Open Water Rowing

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Turbo Skiff Turbo Skiff going through the surf, heading for open water. Designed to be self bailing, fast, and stable, it offers excellent open-water performance.







Turbo Skiff Turbo Skiff

Rowing in the Gulf of Mexico.


Bruno Vogin of France rowed with his pet monkey from Dakkar Senegal, West Africa to Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic. Vogin rowed in a Yole Club fresh off the production line. He made no alterations to the boat, only a canopy for his pet monkey and an extra pair of oars.
Distance: 150 nautical miles which converts to 450 nautical miles rowed due to drift during resting hours.
Time on water: 11 days



The Yole is a great boat in open water. Very stable and self bailing.


Budd Glassberg of Zionsville Indiana, rower of a Turbo II Wing (touring
version) visited Virus Rowing Boats on Longboat Key early April. Budd and Urs
rowed 18 miles of Intra-Coastal Waterway, Sarasota Bay and the Shoreline of
the Gulf of Mexico in a little more the 4 hours. On the Gulf side, they encountred
playfull Dolphins. It was splendid afternoon.